Our story is the means in which we understand the world and the world understands us. It is our history and our present and it shapes our future. Do you know your story? Can you explain in less than 30 seconds what makes your service unique? M45 is a leader in Content Video Production and Helpful Marketing services. We offer a range of products and a boutique service that is helpful, strategic and targeted. We have the people, the creativity and the technology to bring your inspired message to the world. Make the impact you want without a big Agency spend. With M45 you can. M45 understands the power of storytelling and what it can do for you; for your

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PANDR is the super easy way to help you discover great offers in your area by connecting you with the brands you love. PANDR connects you with great offers from local brands to save you time and money. How does PANDR work? Fill out our simple survey so we can match you with the best offers. Oh, what you won't get from us is an inbox full of annoying email - instead you'll have a selection of tailored coupons to choose from in the PANDR app.

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Organisations don't need more information; they need insights they can use to make decisions. There is data everywhere you look. But it takes the right kind of people using a mix of methodologies to decipher how to use it and what to do next. With some of the most experienced Research and Brand Strategy consultants in the game, Consumer Behaviour is a progressive, digitally attuned, insights and brand strategy agency that engages and understands your audiences to help you grow your brands and move your organisation forward. Our creative and fluid approach to resolving complex challenges is backed by analytical rigour and a deep knowledge of the social context and competitive market you're operating in.

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At We Are Human, we design to engage by instilling confidence between your brand, the customer, environment and object. Creating the journey for an ideal user experience. Our experienced and professional team offer a full range of services including design, build, installation and procurement. WAH's projects include retail and commercial interiors, cafes, kiosks and exhibitions. We also offer a full range of product, furniture and graphic design services. With our cross media design function we can tailor to individual needs or produce complete design solutions. We create functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing designs to meet your needs.

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Marmot Inc. is a full service digital agency that is completely focussed on driving leads and sales into your business. We provide big agency thinking without the overheads. Strategy and campaigns using a personal consultative approach to grow your brand. Using the full gamut of Digital and Marketing channels (depending on your business challenges) we help solve your marketing issues to grow your business using Video Marketing, Google Advertising, SEO and Content Marketing, Website Design & Development. We will drive more of the right traffic to your site, plus we will help with more conversions on the site. We look forward to working with you

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