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As a service provider, why should I use Matchbox?

It’s real simple to answer this question - do you want the following; access to opportunities and projects to facilitate lead generation and new client opportunities and connect with decision makers locally, regionally or globally. Our client member base is extremely diverse.


How do we decide which category or categories to select at registration?

Typically your business would fall within or between the three areas outlined below. You can view each catgeory listings by clicking the service areas and browsing the types of skills and experiences listed;

Marketing Services for Small Business »

Marketing Servcies for Medium Business »

Marketing Services for Corporate Enterprise »


How much does Matchbox charge service providers?

To become a Verified service provider the annual fee for Service providers starts at around US$19 per month. One small request or project more than pays out Matchbox Business membership - and its more efficient and effective then networking events or chasing job leads.


Do I have to be based in the same country as the Clients?

No not at all. With Matchbox Business you can connect with decision makers locally, regionally or globally. Our client member base is extremely diverse.


What is the Matchbox Guarantee?

Matchbox guarantees to search for matches based on client requests or briefs within 24 hours from first sign-up! We will continue to search and match your profile each day during your 12 month subscription period. If there are no matches we will offer advice and tips to improve your profile to improve your match results. In addition, you can browse projects and requests in your category at any time.


How do I set up my profile?

To become a service provider simply sign up, complete your service profile, and once your registration is verified we'll start sending you requests from client's who match. Use our easy Sign Up form, follow 3 easy steps and you are on your way to becoming a verified service provider.
Step 1: Set up Your Account & Company Profile Page - We'll need a little bit more detail to set up your account. Register your services to become a verified provider. You then have access to browse client requests and new business leads at any time.
Step 2: Connect with Matches - Once your account is set up you get a confirmation email. Matchbox finds matches for your services. Alert emails are sent to your inbox daily with new client request matches.
Step 3: Contact Leads - You can contact clients directly. If you would like any help submitting your request or setting up your company profile please contact us at


What is the best way to set up my Profile if I have more than 1 category of services?

It is recommended that you select the Business Builder Package. You receive the following added benefits; Request a star rating from satisfied clients.
We reward you for achieving a 4 or 5 star rating by announcing this to all client members.
Automatic promotion of your new Profile in the Matchbox newsletter, shout outs in blogs and outbound email campaigns.


How does the Star Rating work?

Every service provider is started off with a 5-Star rating! This is because we only verify highly qualified providers on Matchbox.


If my star rating is low, how can I improve it?

To maintain a high star rating, you can engage with your customers and invite them to rate you.


Can I request a Star Rating from non-Client Members?

Yes you can invite as many satisfied clients as like, even if they are not on Matchbox Business, they rate you on your profile. Simply login and on your home page -dashboard select request star rating and follow the invite prompts. Submit and they will receive an email and instructions from Matchbox with your request.
Or you can add a badge link to your website directing visitors to your Matchbox Business Profile. They can sign up as a client member for free and rate you as well.


As a Client, what are the benefits of using Matchbox?

Only Service service providers who match your needs will contact you. Unlike search engines or business directories, Matchbox Business identifies service provider's experience and specialisation that will match your needs which minimises wasted time and resources for you searching for the right partner. Every service provider registered with Matchbox is a proven professional, consultant or agency. They have notable client portfolios citing work with some of the world's most successful firms. Our thorough verification process guarantees only skilled service providers are registered. Matchbox ensures the quality of suppliers remain high through its star rating and feedback system.


How do I find the right service provider for my project?

It all starts with your request post. Matchbox provides qualified service providers open access to your requests, briefs and projects. When there is a 'perfect match' service providers will contact you. Or you can browse the many verified service providers. Our scientific approach goes beyond basic criteria such as skills and key words. At Matchbox we match you on 7+ critical success factors using our propriety Client-Expert Match System.


How much does Matchbox charge Client members?

It’s free to become a client member - just register and you're ready to post requests, briefs even large tenders.


Can I post and submit more than one brief or request?

You can Login and browse service providers, short list favourites for future projects and post as many requests as you like.


Can I keep my brand information confidential during the briefing or posting process?

By posting a request on the site you accept that service providers can view your request on The posted requests by client members are not visible to site visitors and can be viewed only by Matchbox Business and registered Verified service providers.
We collect company or project information (Post a Request) as it relates to the services provided and in order to achieve a match between members. Such information may include; business category, particular skills & experience, profile building information such as; CV/Brochure, images, logos, and business location or reach, the type of services provides or requested, business relationship success factors & remuneration preferences.
Information collected is kept for as long as it is needed to service your account and provide services and products requested by you. When your information is no longer needed for these purposes we will destroy or permanently render anonymous any information held about you.


Do I have to be based in the same country as the service providers?

No not at all. With Matchbox Business you can connect with service providers locally, regionally or globally. We make it easy for you to find the right service provider; wherever in the world they are located. Matchbox is the 24/7 international business "match maker".
Post a request any time. Review profiles, ask a question or get connected.


Is Matchbox suitable for procurement department use?

Matchbox Business is a perfect way for your Procurement Department to acquire services from an outside external source. Our Client-Expert match System is highly appropriate for what procurement looks for; that services are procured at the best possible cost to meet your business needs in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location.

How can they you do this on behalf of the company?

Any Procurement Manager can sign up as a client member and post requests on Matchbox Business on your behalf to help find, select and short list viable service providers for a specific project now or to start dialogue for future projects.